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I have spent the last 10 years in a variety of businesses seeking to unlock the keys to success and above all developing the initial startup capital to take my business endeavors to another level. Just like a lot of young men my company compass directed me towards the thing that I enjoy. That love was for music. I always knew I would achieve success in the record companies whether it be playing an instrument, singing, or just in the shadows as a mover and shaker. With nevertheless I never learned an instrument of sufficient length to master it, I certainly didn’t hold the vocal chops to be a top rated singer, so what was left for me. That eureka moment came to me once i moved to my permanent residence in Tampa Florida.

I decided to diversify my talents and take up another trade my father had presented to me years earlier. That was to become an Insurance Agent. Sure it is not the most desirable or glamourous career but any organization which pays you an initial commission and continuously pays residual commissions is not a bad deal in my eyes. I figured this may be an additional income while building capital in the music business startup. I also tried my hand at becoming an import/ export broker.
I decided that multiple channels of capital would give the best chance of creating that well of funds I can pull from to move freely through the tuff trials of that first 5 years of business ups and downs. I noticed a pattern after a while when working through my ancillary businesses. Sure I labored to be the best at what I did. I did market research to make certain I had a niche to sell to. I got out there and networked with other professionals that share in the farm of customers ready to enlist our services.

Now I decided to bring my business funding experiences to the public!!


In this guide to alternative funding methods I give you a fix to all your unsolvable capital infusion woes

I remedy the obstacles of the bank telling you ” no you don’t have enough credit”. I overcame the constant phrase ” you need to be established before you can get a loan”.

I have solved some of the biggest questions you think about on a daily bases, only to unlock simple solutions.

I want to show you how to build a treasure trove of alternative tools to improve your chances at financial freedom. Immediately increase your capital coffers within 30 days or less.


Be the envy of your industry

Your competitors won’t believe how well you are doing just by picking up a few tweeks learned in this book


Finally stick it to the banking industry and their many lending stipulations!


Know now that your businesses future is secure because you have gained alternative methods of finding business finance

A few clicks away from freedom
Check out these Best Kept Secrets locked away from the general public. I can get you to the financial promise land in a short period of time by using the funding avenues utilized by the big boys.

Some of the tips I give you include builds business credit with net 30 credit. Using your corporation to sell stock and bonds to the public. Even a discussion to recruiting sponsors to fuel your business endeavors.

I was once in a critical situation such as yourself. My story of owning my own Record Company roller coasted from hardly keeping the lights on to laying employees off because I could not handle inadequate payroll. Believe I tried everything and I put together a compilation of practices that work.


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Is this book only for certain industries?
Answer: No. The tips enclosed can be applied across multiple business sectors.


Why haven’t I heard of these tips before and why isn’t everyone doing this?
Answer: The information in this guide is available to everyone but most traditional lenders & websites won’t freely give you the infomration all in one place. Most other people don’t know these tools are available.


Is any one tools or tips in this book better than the other.
Answer: No. Each tool is powerful and can be used all together or individually based on your funding needs.


” I tried everything when it came to getting start up funds for my fitness business or at least I thought I did. I would recommend this book to any start up or established business looking to expand! “

” This book was an eye opener and a game changer for my business. I truly would not know what I would do or where I would be without the knowledge shared in this book. “

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